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January 10, 2022 5 min read

Does 5G at 60 GHz stop humans from absorbing oxygen? A question that intrigues, as well as scares us to the core. The 5G technology is approaching humanity just like a rat-trap, explicitly designed to lure the world into a never-ending spiral and increase our dependency on digital mediums such as smartphones, laptops & Bluetooth devices. 5G is all set to bring faster speeds to smartphones, reduce latency, and prepare for progressions in the domains of real-estate, Wi-Fi, robots, AR-VR, online gaming, self-driving cars, and more, but at what cost

What is 5G Technology?

5G is an emerging wireless technology that is the 5th generation mobile network. It is an upcoming global wireless network post 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks and is already in progress. 

We are shifting from 4G to 5G because 4G towers send data everywhere, which results in power and energy wastage, consequently weakening access to the internet. In addition, 4G networks use frequencies below 6 GHz, which produces less EMF radiation than 5G, which will use much higher frequencies in the range of 30 GHz to 300 GHz.

5G Technology

Virtually 5G connects everyone and everything, including machines, objects, software, and devices. Soon, 5G wireless technology is meant to deliver:

  1. Higher data speeds
  2. Ultra-low latency
  3. More reliability
  4. Massive network capacity
  5. Increased availability 

By utilizing a much faster rate, 5G utilizes higher-frequency radio bands to deliver a Wi-Fi signal, producing radiation as a by-product.

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Does Oxygen Absorb 5G Radiation at 60GHz?

Currently, 5G is not 60GHz; it has a lower frequency range (up to 28 GHz according to the FCC). The concern though for 60 GHz is that this frequency is planned to be used. The FCC updated on 5G development states, "later this year, the FCC will auction the upper 37 GHz, 39 GHz, and 47 GHz bands" (The FCC's 5G FAST Plan), and we are uncertain of how much higher these frequencies will be in the near future. Is an increase to 60 GHz in the future?

Currently, there is not sufficient data to prove unequivocally that 5G at 60 GHz stops humans from absorbing oxygen, but we cannot deny the possibility, as you’ll see from the chart below.

Is this the same reason various nations have communicated their security concerns and impeded 5G technology in respective locations?

Numerous investigations have been conducted showcasing a connection between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and human cells.

Technical analysis shows that, at 60 GHz, the oxygen atom turns out to be exceptionally permeable of electromagnetic energy, which debilitates the 60 GHz signals over distance, holding the signals back from overshooting their planned recipient. As a result, at 60 GHz, Oxygen particles in the environment communicate with the radio frequency signals to cause significant attenuation up to 10 dB/km.

Are High Frequencies Dangerous for Humans?

Exposure to a uniform EMF increases cell proliferation in human cancer and normal cells by reducing intracellular ROS (reactive oxygen species) levels. Since increased proliferation was observed in both normal and cancer cells, this observation may support some epidemiological studies that suggest EMFs accelerate tumor formation in human beings and animals.

High Frequencies

For additional research, here's a study found in the NCBI database that suggests A 60 Hz uniform electromagnetic fieldpromotes human cell proliferation by decreasing intracellular reactive oxygen species levels; another article from the NCBI database performs an in-depth study on the Effects of Long-Term Exposure to 60 GHz Millimeter-Wavelength Radiation on the Genotoxicity and Heat Shock Protein (Hsp) Expression of Cells Derived from Human Eye.

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How To Avoid Different Types of 5G Radiation

Low & Mid Frequency Radiations

This category of electromagnetic radiation operates on considerably low frequency/radiofrequency (EMFs/ELF-EMFs/RF-EMFs). This type of radiation is produced by any electric appliance, from microwave ovens and refrigerators to cell phones and laptops/computers when switched on.

Does 5G at 60 GHz Stop Humans From Absorbing Oxygen

Even though the WHO states, low frequency, and radiofrequency EMFs are less likely to cause any adverse health effects, we must protect ourselves. The EMF strength around devices reduces quickly with distance. For example, at a 1-foot reach, the electromagnetic fields surrounding most appliances are more than 100 times lower than the limit in the ICNERP guidelines for the general public.

To eliminate and diminish low-level exposure risks, implement these precautions:

  • The ideal method for staying away from EMF exposure in your house is to stay away from appliances or devices. If you need to watch TV, open the fridge/microwave, or load the washing machine, keep the contact short. This applies to both adults and children.
  • Keep smartphones at a distance when you are not using them, and turn them off at night before sleeping. The distance ensures that you are not in contact with EMF, which disrupts your melatonin levels hence, better sleep. 
  • Must use speaker function or EarPods with the cell phone because it reduces EMF exposure to the brain. EarPods do emit EMFs, but much lower than cell phones. 
  • Limit how often you carry your cellphone in your pockets. 
  • Put screen time on all your smartphones and laptops to monitor your daily activity time on these devices; it will help you manage your time better with the gadgets.
  • Unplug occasionally from electronics. Take a day off or more from electronic gadgets. 
  • Use of EMF Protection Devices: Using EMF protection devices neutralizes the effect of EMF Radiation. EMF Harmonized is scientifically proven to work efficiently on EMF radiation as it uses Nikola Tesla's Scalar Wave Technology to protect from EMF Radiation, with over 300 beneficial frequencies programmed into the scalar wave technology to assist the human body. It neutralizes the harmful effects without limiting the usage of your devices, hence no disruption to cellular or Wi-Fi data. 
  • Supports ATP Levels & Life Extension Technology with longitudinal magnetic waves, which trigger higher ATP-Levels and extend the aging process of plants.

Try EMF Harmonized Protection Devices for:

High Frequency

Note, this type of radiation is potentially hazardous to your health. Long-term exposure to high-frequency EMFs can damage DNA and cells. Short-term exposure to this radiation comes from medical devices like X-ray imaging machines and UV rays from tanning beds or the sun.

To eliminate and diminish high-level exposure risks, implement these precautions:

  • Avoid X-rays:Limit X-Ray consultations until it is a medical necessity.
  • Avoid Tanning Beds: Limit time in tanning beds and if it is required, make the sessions quick. Or you can opt for tanning sprays as an alternative.

Calculate how much high-frequency radiation you are exposed to per year with the radiation calculator. It carries a warning from the EPA that high-frequency radiation is the type of EMF that is hazardous because it can potentially harm body tissues and DNA.

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