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Our Story


Just like you, we wanted to be able to enjoy the wonderful things that come from technologies like cellphones, computers, routers and other electronics without experiencing the side effects of these devices. 

As you may or may not know, thousands of studies have shown that certain electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can be harmful to biological life, including humans and our beloved pets. 

Because we recognized this problem, we wanted to offer a unique solution to the world that would allow our technologies to be used without causing increased harm to ourselves, our pets or all of the biological life around us. 

Who Makes Our Products?

Our expertise comes from the developer of our product, who is a mechanical engineer and led a team of over 100 scientists at a large tech company in the United States, which developed patents for 2G and 3G technology. Some of these patents are still used in 4G technology today. 

When it comes to protecting oneself from 4G and 5G technology and related devices like cellphones, routers and televisions, relying on a company who knows how the technology works is best for helping you to actually mitigate the harmful effects of those technologies.

Our products are unique and differentiate between all other EMF mitigating products out there in that ours are able to signal to the body to stay in biological harmony.

In other words, most products out there simply alter the amount of EMFs that reach you, which means that the EMFs still impact your body and create negative physiological reactions (the severity of which depends on how much EMF radiation reaches you). We can think of this as biological dis-harmony. 

Our products on the other hand, mitigate these EMFs by signaling to the body to not react in a stressful way, but to simply stay in balance. We can think of this as biological harmony. 

Who Tests Our Products?

Our products have even been tested by a scientist from Duke University, which specifically showed how our unique and proprietary holographic technology actually positively impacts the body. 

What Is Our Goal?

All of this is done to help humanity overcome the negative consequences of electromagnetic radiation, while still enjoying the wonderful benefits these devices offer in terms of communication and connection with your co-workers, friends and loved ones.

With EMF Harmonized, you will go from unprotected to protected by technology developed by experts and delivered to you with love and care for your optimal state of health and wellness. 

We also donate a portion of our profits to our local rape victim crisis center to help people heal from the trauma of human trafficking, sexual abuse and rape. 

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