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The Science


In our quest to help offer EMF protection and biological harmonization, we provide you the most scientifically advanced products on the market. We understand that is a bold claim, so allow us to explain this and how we stand out from the rest to provide you with the best protection for you and your loved ones. 

The science used to create our products is based on light, sound, vortex physics and something incredibly advanced, which is known as longitudinal scalar waves. 

Longitudinal scalar waves were first recognized by the famous Serbian physicist, inventor and genius, Nikola Tesla. 

These longitudinal scalar waves have the ability to travel faster than the speed of light, seemingly violating the square of the distance law in physics and create conditions of over-unity: more power being generated from the receiver than has been transmitted by the transmitter. 

Dr. Konstantin Meyl postulates that longitudinal scalar waves are the primary transmission vehicle through which DNA communicates. By utilizing DNA for biological signal programming, our devices are able to offer the highest quality results for you making them the most unique devices on the market. 

 In other words, yes, cells do communicate through biochemical means, but there also exists an electromagnetic system of communication. 

 Who Are We?

Our expertise comes from the developer of our product, who is a mechanical engineer and led a team of over 100 scientists at a large tech company in the United States, which developed patents for 2G and 3G technology. Some of these patents are still used in 4G technology today.

The technology we use is also the first of its kind in the world in relation to holographic programming with biological signaling. Because of this, we offer you the most unique EMF protection products on the market.

RF Waves Protection

Our Cellphone Discs and Computer Strips protect us from the harmful portion of EMFs, which is the RF (radio frequency) signaling from towers and millimeter wave antennas, while not affecting the transmission of information at all. 

The technology works by programming beneficial frequencies into holograms via longitudinal scalar waves. The beneficial frequencies programmed into the disc are then activated and released and the body that is around the device absorbs these beneficial frequencies. These beneficial frequencies absorbed by the body signal to the DNA to not react in a stressful, harmful way and tell the body to react in a way that promotes homeostasis and health. 

In other words, our discs and strips protect us from the harmful frequencies while not lowering your signal or connection of the device you're using. 

In short, our products have been shown to reinforce the (-) surface charge of blood cells, creating normal and healthy oxygen flow. This all means that our products are scientifically-validated to actually work!

Most companies out there that claim to be blocking EMFs are not actually blocking EMFs. If EMFs are blocked, there is no signal to the device and this would actually be considered illegal by the FCC. 

Some companies offer cases or covers, but those are only block EMFs when the device is not in use. Again, if the device is in use, there needs to be a signal present and that signal creates these EMFs. 

Our technology can be used while your device is in use and will still filter out the harmful RF portion of the signal, ensuring you are protected both when your device is in use and not in use. 

12X Increase in ATP

We showed a 12X increase in ATP (cellular energy) in a test using a Lumitester PD-30, which is one of the most sensitive instruments for testing Relative Light Units (RLU) that are converted to the respective ATP equivalent.

The Cellphone Protection Disc in this test was added under the baseline water test (the gold disc one) and the retest was conducted in 10 minutes to allow
the Protect Holographic Filter to signal the water through the Pyrex vial.

The initial baseline shows a reading of 663 RLU/ATP and the retest, when subjected to the programmed Protect filter, was 8,173 RLU/ATP.

So, 12 times more RLU/ATP was transmitted to the water, passively. It is suggested that a similar result will translate to the water in our bodies.

When it comes to protecting oneself from the EMFs that are being emitted by the device you're using to read this website, like a cellphone, computer or tablet, it is best to rely on a company who has decades of experience in the EMF industry and provides technology that has been scientifically-validated to work.

Body Relief Technology

Our Body Relief Patch is designed to offer your body relief in times of occasional aches and pains, as well as to support a healthy inflammatory response. Our new patches are out and they are even stronger than the previous discs!

The patches are reusable and can be used effectively for up to 3 days, or until you no longer feel the benefits. You can also take them off and reapply as needed. 

This technology was studied by a scientist from Duke University and the 1 minute video below demonstrates the relief that was observed in the patients. 

These are 4 clips of the Body Relief technology working on various parts of the body. As the red shifts to more of a green color, you'll notice the technology helping to support a healthy inflammatory response within the body. This helps to support overall ease and comfort in the area. 

We also donate a portion of our profits to our local rape victim crisis center to help people heal from the trauma of human trafficking, sexual abuse and rape.

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