Body Relief Patches


Body Relief Patches offer relief from every day aches and pains and support a healthy inflammatory response in the body. Simple and easy-to-apply. Each patch is reusable for up to a week. Recommended daily use for days 1-3 of relief.

This package includes 20 Body Relief Patches.

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How It Works

Our technology is based on the science of light, sound, vortex physics and something incredibly unique: longitudinal scalar waves.

These longitudinal scalar waves have the ability to travel faster than the speed of light, violate the square of the distance law in physics and create conditions of over-unity: more power being generated from the receiver than has been transmitted by the transmitter.

Dr. Konstantin Meyl postulates that longitudinal scalar waves are the primary transmission vehicle through which DNA communicates. By utilizing DNA for biological signal programming, and placing the EMF Harmonized Body Relief Patches on areas of pain and discomfort, our products are able to support a healthy inflammatory response in the body. This offers the highest quality results for you, making them the most unique body relief product on the market.





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