Cellphone EMF Protection Disc



1 Cellphone Disc per unit ordered.  Only 1 disc is needed per smartphone and it can be used on all types of smartphones and similar technology.


Our Cellphone Discs filter the harmful portion of the RF (radio frequency) signaling from towers and millimeter-wave antennas, while not affecting the transmission of your information at all.

Because our technology does not block EMFs, all devices continue to operate at their highest and most optimal capacity.   Our over 300 frequencies in our holograms enter our physiology to create a balanced and harmonious solution and protective response to EMFs.

Please click here for more information regarding the science behind how our products protect and support you.


Our cellphone discs will never need to be replaced as long as they are kept in their highest integrity.  The best way to protect them is to ensure that they do not get scratched, bent nor immersed in water.  Our protective layer helps support this process.

They can be transferred to a new device and if light and gentle heat is applied, they will peel up and off effortlessly.  With loving care, your cellphone EMF protection disc will stay with you for your lifetime.

Radius of Support

Our golden hologram cellphone disc will support you for up to 6 ft. (1.83 m.) from placement of your disc.


We prefer for our discs to be attached directly to the back of your cell phone.  The most optimal location is approximately 1 inch (2.54 cm) from the bottom of the back of your phone.  If you use a case, then the case goes over the top and the frequencies and harmonics programmed into the golden hologram will penetrate through it effortlessly.

If you plan to get a new device and use a cellphone case, then you most likely will not need to use the sticky back adhesive as most cases are very tightly attached to the phones they protect keeping the discs firmly in place.  This can assist in transferring the golden hologram disc most effortlessly to a new device.

Additionally, the cellphone case assists in protecting the cellphone disc from every day wear and tear.

Our technology has been used for over a decade to support and protect its users and we at EMF Harmonized are grateful to present you with this technology that we too greatly appreciate and love.

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The Need for Protection: EMF Radiation and the Human Body

Dr. Martin Blank was a chemist, an expert in colloid science and electromagnetic radiation science  and has shown how DNA (including the mis-labeled “junk DNA”) acts as a fractal antenna within electromagnetic fields.

  • Damage DNA
  • Cause psychological and psychiatric issues
  • Cause headaches, fatigue, brain fog, and inflammation
  • Dramatically slow a cell’s ability to carry oxygen throughout the body
  • Slow down metabolism

The Issues

Cell phone towers signal your phone through EMF transmissions in order to relay both inbound and outbound phone calls, text messages, and data.


EMFs have been proven to heat up human DNA to damaging levels. Without protection, this can lead to a host of health challenges.

Kid’s Brain

Kids’ brains are known to be hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation, making it critically important that your kids are protected from all of their devices.


WiFi and smart phones are dramatically increasing the amount of radiation our bodies absorb every day. How are you protecting yourself?

Protective Surface Layer

Protective surface layer made of durable and resilient clear resin to shield the device from external damage.

Infrared Absorbing Layer

Infrared absorbing layer consuming the thermal emission given off by the microprocessor.

Self-Adhering Layer

Single-use self-adhering layer designed to keep the device firmly secured to any smooth surface.

Support Immune Health

Beneficial frequencies support immune health, limit the roping of your blood, and restore healthy blood flow in the body.





Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) of Cellular Towers

Cell Phone Towers

Cell phone towers signal your phone through RF/EMF transmissions in order to relay both inbound and outbound phone calls and text messages.

Phone Receives

When your phone receives these signals, the RM/EMF transmissions are absorbed through the wrist, allowing the harmful signals to enter the blood stream.

Blood Stream

Once they have entered the blood stream, RF/EMF transmissions change your negative (-) blood charge to a positive (+) charge. This leads to roping of the blood and loss the oxygen.

EMF Harmonized Protection Products Neutralize the Harmful Effects of EMF Radiation

Cell Phone Towers

Cell phone towers signal your phone through RF/EMF transmissions in order to relay both inbound and outbound phone calls and text messages.

Phone Receives These Signals

The holographic filter on the EMF Protection Discs rebalance the harmful frequencies, converting them to beneficial frequencies.

Entered The Blood Stream

Beneficial frequencies support immune health, limit the roping of your blood, and restore healthy blood flow in the body.

Grant Johnson

Absolutely amazing and life changing!

"I ordered an EMF and wellness wristband, as well as a cell phone disc and some computer protection strips. All of these products arrived promptly and in stylish, easy-to-open packaging. The wristband fits great and it's comfortable. I get compliments on how cool it looks all the time! The disc and strips are easy to apply, and they look very nice as well. The gold makes the cell phone look sweet!"

“Unique and different from all other EMF protection products”

Dr Jason Loken ND

The BEST and highest quality products!

"An excellent product that my entire family uses. Everyone needs to have EMF mitigating technology for their computer, tablet and cell phones. I think of this no differently then I why I choose to consume healthy food and clean water. Minimize the things that don't serve you and build your resilience so you can live a healthy, fulfilling life!"

Additional information

Weight .05 kg

1. How many cell phone discs come in each unit ordered?
There is 1 disc per unit ordered.

2. If I have a cell phone EMF protection disc, do I additionally need protection on my headphones and apple watch?
Our discs provide signaling to the body to stay at rest from the EMFs. Apple watches and Bluetooth devices have low emissions, and the disc will provide protection for up to 6 ft (1.83 meters).

3. What is the difference between the EMF cell phone disc and computer strips?
The EMF discs are for the phone and are larger for close body exposure. The EMF strips are for devices like iPads, tablets, computers, laptops, WiFi routers, smart meters and other “smart devices” like Alexa.

4. Does it matter where on the back of my smartphone that I place the disc?
No, generally at the bottom is preferred, but if it is on the back, it will operate normally to provide scalar waves information transfer to our biology.

5. Can I transfer my cell phone disc from one cell phone to another?
Yes, you can move the disc. Please keep in mind that when the adhesive bond on the back of the disc is broken that it may not stick as well when reapplying.

A cell phone case may hold it very well in place. If peeling it up to transfer, please be mindful not to bend or scratch it.

6. If I get the disc wet, will it still work?
Yes. Please place your disc under the cell phone case between the phone and case to protect it from scratches, dirt, body oil and sweat as well as other forms of moisture.

If you get it wet, it will still work, yet its lifespan may be shortened. Please make sure that the hologram has not been broken with a watermark. Keeping them dry is ideal and there is no need to clean them.

7. How Our Scalar Wave Holographic Technology Works Some people ask, “how is a holographic disc supposed to help protect from EMFs?”
Good question.

Our golden holograms are a Mylar material programmed with frequencies that are known to be beneficial to human biology and physiology. These frequencies are derived from the natural compounds’ molecular structure and are then programmed into the Mylar hologram, which is a substance and device used in international space programs.

The substrate can hold the over 300 frequencies added to the disc (like a magnet and a credit card strip). The hologram acts to seal the disc and frequencies and acts as a prism for signaling the body. The result is that the body elicits a physiological counter-effect to EMFs.

In other words, an EMF elicits an effect of causing the loss of red blood cells to carry oxygen. The frequencies programmed into our Mylar hologram signal information transfer to our DNA, which then sparks a physiological switch to ensure that red blood cells retain their negative electrical charge (which is a good thing). With red blood cells retaining their negative electrical charge, red blood cells are able to carry oxygen.

As we know, oxygen is life. You can read more about the deep science of scalar waves and our technology used in the study by opening this link here or finding it on The Science page.

8. How many discs do I need per smartphone?
One. One should be enough to provide coverage from the phone’s emissions. You may use up to two discs on smartphones that use 5G networks. In this case, place one disc on the back towards the bottom and the other one on the back above the other.

9. What frequencies were used to make the EMF discs?
There are over 300 frequencies programmed into each disc that are derived from the molecular structure of many different plant compounds, minerals, phytonutrient compounds, flavonoids, oils and other beneficial earth-derived frequencies.

10.How do I remove the disc from the paper back if it is not pulling up and off?
If paper sticks, very gently use a sharp object to remove the backing going around the disc. Please be mindful not to scratch or bend the disc.

11. Where can I learn more about your technology?
We invite you to visit The Science page and also review this FAQ extensively.