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Want to Limit Your Kid’s Exposure to EMF? Here’s How You Do It

August 30, 2021 2 min read

The incredible ease of accessing information and the ability to communicate with any person, no matter how far away, are boons of the interconnectedness of today’s globalized world. All you need are your smartphone and a wireless connection. 5G has been in the news for quite some time as the next big technology that will improve life for millions. But there is another side to the story, too. 

If you are well-connected, you are exposed to EMF, which has potential health risks, from mood disturbances and fatigue to headaches and body pain. Body pain relief patches and a day off from work do help us relax, but we have become so addicted to our phones that we don’t take a break from our phones or switch off our internet connections, even on self-care days. 

While the thought of electromagnetic radiation surrounding you at homes, workplaces, and probably outdoors as well, is unsettling, the fact that our kids are also susceptible to the dangers of EMF is more disturbing. The question, “How can we limit our kid’s electromagnetic field exposure?” is on every parent’s mind. 

You cannot prohibit your child from using the laptop or phone completely for a plethora of reasons, from school projects to staying in touch with their friends. But you can set up a minimal EMF exposure computer/laptop workspace for them. Here are a few tips that will achieve the goal:

A Table, Chair Setting.

Ensure that the children always use laptops and tablets on a hard surface and never against their bodies. It is a common practice to keep the laptop on your lap while browsing, working, studying, which is unhealthy. Two types of EMFs are emitted by all wireless screens, namely, magnetic and electric lower-frequency EMFs and radiofrequency wireless radiation. As you move further away from the source, the radiation intensity decreases. 

Switching to Wired Internet Connections. 

Life without internet connectivity is next to impossible today, but when it comes to how you get internet access, you do have a choice. Wireless connections seem easy and straightforward, but they are also a major reason why you and your child are exposed to EMFs at home. Using wired internet connections is a safer choice. They not only eliminate radiofrequency emissions but even boost your videoconferencing experience, especially if more than one person is online simultaneously. 

Get an ethernet cable for connecting your devices, laptop/tablet/computer, to the internet. And don’t forget to turn off the WiFi, any other wireless antennas, and Bluetooth in your device.

Neutralizing EMF Radiation Effects with EMF Harmonized. 

Whenever you receive a text message, phone call, or use the data of your phone, EMF transmissions are at play. A child’s brain is hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation, making it absolutely essential that their exposure is minimal. While not using the smartphone or laptop is not an answer, there is an effective way to neutralize the harmful effects of EMF Radiation. We call them EMF protection discs, chips, and wristbands. Our products filter the hazardous EMF without affecting the information transmission quality. 

We also have safe and powerful body pain relief patches. 

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