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The Perils Of EMF: Steps to Reduce Exposure

September 01, 2021 2 min read

Extensive research has been done around the dangers of Electromagnetic fields in our surroundings.  The past decades have seen a sudden boom in wireless technology. This inflation might have changed the course of technology, but what escapes the purview of the naked eye is the dense web of EMF. According to research, the current EMF levels are skyrocketing, much higher than they could ever get.

The Wi-Fi router, the earpods, and smartphones are the most common sources of electropollution in our homes. If we are so deeply entrenched in the pool of these traditions, how can you mitigate its effects on your physical and mental health?

Here are a few ways in which reduce your exposure to EMF.

Airplane Mode

Our smartphones are one of the primary sources of EMF in our surroundings. Considering the present times when most of our daily activities involve the usage of mobile phones, staying away from them can be challenging. However, to mitigate the perils of the harmful radiations, it is advisable to put your smartphone on flight mode when not in use. 

Ditch Those Wireless Devices

As much as wireless technology features enamor you, your wireless earphone, mouse, and chargers emit more EMF than their wired counterparts. Using hardwired devices is a relatively safer option and can offer better connectivity.

Turn off your Wi-Fi at Night

Being on the grid 24X7 is the last thing you want to do for yourself. Not only is it toxic for your mental health, but cutting down the harmful EMF at night is the best idea for a good night’s sleep.

EMF Protection Devices

Living the times wherein there are new technological advancements at a pace higher than one can keep up with, boycotting smartphones and wifis is unfathomable. However, devices like cell phone radiation protection stickers,EMF protection wristbands can help you curb the harmful effects of the EMF like fatigue, headache, DNA damage, and others.

The detrimental effects of EMF are not only limited to humans. They have adverse effects on your pets and all the biological life. So to protect yourself and your loved ones check our extensive range of EMF protection devices.