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EMF Shielding for Cell Phones: Worth Your Money or Not?

September 30, 2021 2 min read

For every problem, there exists a solution. For EMF? It does for that too! And, it’s free! Like any other pollutant, you need to restrict your exposure to EMF too. Well, that won’t be practically possible every time – especially with cell phones! You’re supposed to carry them all the time. That’s where EMF shielding for cell phones steps in.

How can EMF affect your well-being?

EMF radiation is proven to:

  • Impact your DNA
  • Cause psychiatric issues
  • Invite issues like brain fog, fatigue, stress, anxiety, headaches, and more
  • Make an adverse effect on your metabolism
  • Reduce the oxygen supply throughout the body

These effects may be present in different intensities in different people. So, you should first identify how sensitive you are to EMFs.

How to identify the EMF attack?

Some people may argue why they should believe the theories circulating around EMFs in the market and whether they are harmful. 5G lovers may even call them conspiracy theories! 

Well, there are some ways to identify them. If you experience frequent sessions of anxiety, stress, headaches, irritation, sleep disorders, cervical pain, and more, EMFs have probably invaded your zone. And, it is time for you to look for ways to reduce your EMF exposure. 

How EMF shielding for cell phones helps you in this endeavor

The biggest contributors to EMF radiation around you are smartphones, without a doubt. So, having something that can block some of its part (if not all) is indeed an excellent idea. No, you cannot keep your phone away all the time, but you can choose to use products that can reduce the damaging effects.

Here are some additional ways you can try to reduce the damage:

  • Don’t keep your WiFi router on when nobody is using it. Make it a habit to switch it off every night before you go to sleep.
  • Never sleep with your phone. Use an alarm clock to wake up instead of using your phone for this purpose.
  • Don’t invest in smart gadgets to only look cool. Until you don’t need a smartwatch, you don’t have to buy it to follow the crowd.
  • Use attachments and features that make your phone touch less frequently. When alone, you can use the speaker to call someone. In public, you can use a headset for that.
  • Prefer radiation-free gadgets over ‘cool’ ones. The earbuds that look cool but ask you to keep your phone connected to it all the time are of no help. Wired earphones are still better for listening to your favorite music or attending your phone call.
The bottom line

EMF radiations are known to heat human DNA and damage it. They can invite several health risks, including but not limited to psychological and psychiatric issues, brain fog, headaches, stress, poor metabolism, and more. The best way to eliminate these problems is to reduce exposure. And, if you cannot do that, you should use a protective case or shield for your phone.

In case you’re looking for EMF shielding for cell phones, reach out to us today.