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5 Useful Tips to Lower the Harsh Effects of EMF Pollution

August 26, 2021 2 min read

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are always around you in many forms. They naturally occur in your body and the atmosphere, and come from man-made sources, too. If you could see them as light, your world would have been glowing round-the-clock with EMFs radiation from everything including your own bones. 

The man-made sources of EMFs include cell phones, TV, Wi-Fi, home appliances, electric meters, and many others. These EMFs impact us at the cellular level. The possible negative effects include DNA damage, membrane damage, and loss of calcium ions that may further lead to significant diseases. Therefore, it is important to reduce these effects.

Here are some ways to lower your EMF exposure:

Use EMF protection stickers

Cell phones, laptops, and computers are inevitable parts of your life. At the same time, they are among the biggest sources of EMFs. So, you should find ways to mitigate the risks involved with using them all the time. One effective way is to use EMF protection stickers for laptop or computer and keep yourself away from the risk.

Keep your phone away while sleeping

You may find it cool to keep your phone just next to your head for alarm while sleeping, but it is a dangerous habit. As cell phones emit radiation, keeping them away while sleeping can be a great way to cut hours of its exposure. It is better to use an alarm clock or keep the phone at a table placed a few feet away from your bed.

Avoid direct body contact with your devices

Using a phone or laptop may be a necessity, but you can still manage to maintain a safe distance. Checking important emails or working from home while putting the laptop in your lap is never a good idea, irrespective of what the name suggests. Similarly, a distance of 10 mm between you and your phone can make a difference.

Try grounding

If ‘earthing’ is a new term to you, you should be aware of its great health benefits. Putting your bare feet on the ground can help you detox from the harmful EMF exposure. Earth’s negatively-charged electrons can also help remove toxic elements like heavy metals, trans fats, and harmful air particles, reducing the risk of several diseases.

Turn on the Wi-Fi only when using

Wireless internet is common in homes these days, but it should not turn your space into a high-EMF sanctuary. You can always choose to not turn on your Wi-Fi router until needed. For the rest time including your sleeping hours, you should turn it off and save yourself as well as the other family members from the harsh effects of EMF.

Summing it up!

Keeping yourself in a low-EMF zone as much as possible will surely bring more positivity to your life. In addition to the above tips, you can start spending more time with nature, connect with your friends at a nearby park while leaving your phone at home, and plan weekend trips at remote locations with your phone in airplane mode for the most time.

In case you’re looking for EMF protection stickers, reach out to us today.