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February 17, 2022 8 min read

The truth is, big tech and the mainstream media are working together to hide something from you, from us all. 

Something big. 

It’s EMF Radiation. 

EMF Radiation is what people are protesting about when people talk about stopping 5G. 

But it goes so much deeper than that…

Your phone and laptop and all other ‘smart’ devices like Alexa are bathing you in harmful radiation 24/7.

This blog is going to cover all of the information you need to know.

From what EMF Radiation is, why it’s used, the harmful effects it has on the human body, and most importantly, how you can keep yourself & your family protected. 

Table Of Contents

EMF Radiation Overview

What You Can Do About It

What Is EMF Radiation? 

EMF Radiation stands for ElectroMagnetic Field Radiation. 

Now, there’s a wide variety of EMF Radiation, not all of which are harmful. 

The frequency of the EMF wave gives it different properties. Look at this diagram, it makes a lot more sense to see it visually…

electromagnetic spectrum

EMF Radiation is also responsible for letting us see, there is an extremely small portion of the EMF spectrum that we can see as visible light. 

But not all EMF Radiation is as harmless as visual light… 

Take x-rays. It’s no secret that x-rays are very harmful to your body.

Look, the doctor doesn’t stand with you in the room when you’re getting an x-ray for a reason, it’s no secret that x-rays are extremely dangerous and cause irreparable damage to your body, especially with extended exposure. 

Have you ever heard of Gamma rays? They come up quite frequently in science-fiction but Gamma rays are very real and very dangerous. 

Gamma rays are the highest frequency of EMF Radiation. Gamma rays are most commonly found in space, but gamma rays are the closest thing we have to a ray of death in real life. Approximately three days of exposure to constant gamma rays would kill you, simple as that. 

But with all these different frequencies, what frequency do we mean when we say EMF Radiation in regards to our cellphones and other smart devices?

That would be microwave radiation. 


The same technology that your microwave uses to cook food and heat plates so that they’re too hot to grab bare-handed is what our cell phones use to connect to wi-fi, send & receive texts, and more. 

Wi-fi and cellular networks are a version of microwave radiation. So any time you’re connected to wi-fi or have cell service, you’re surrounded by microwave radiation. 

Anytime we say EMF Radiation in this blog moving forward, we will be referring to this frequency of EMF Radiation. 

This EMF Radiation is potentially harmful and could seem to contribute to a mile-long list of health issues that are currently being overlooked by far too many. 

These are the facts that big tech and the mainstream media don’t want you to find out about. And you just hit the tip of the iceberg.

Where Does EMF Radiation Come From? 

So where does this EMF Radiation come from in the first place? 

EMF Radiation is produced from cell towers. 

In 2019, there were 395,562 cell towers in the USA alone. 

In 2020, we’re up to 417,215 cell towers in the USA alone.

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EMF Radiation from cell towers

There is a constant flow of funds into blanketing the entire USA in cell service, and with 5G rolling out, there is no end in sight. 

Numbers vary, but educated sources say that to roll out a full 5G network is going to take an additional 100,000 - 300,000 cellular sites…

Now all of these cell towers give off EMF Radiation in the form of cellular service. 

But that’s not the only EMF Radiation that’s drenching our society and our families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

There’s also wi-fi, which uses the same type of EMF Radiation to connect you to the internet as cell service connects your phone calls, which could be just as harmful. 

But wi-fi is a bit of a different story. Wi-fi isn’t as stable as cellular service, it cannot be broadcasted from massive towers. 

Instead, wi-fi travels through underground cables that jack into every single home or office building that has an internet connection. 

This underground cable is called a coaxial cable. It connects to your modem, your modem converts the information from the coaxial cable to something your router can understand. 

Once the wi-fi hits your router, it’s converted to wireless wi-fi as it’s broadcasted into the air using EMF Radiation. 

Try and remember the last time you were somewhere that didn’t have wi-fi. Just because it’s a locked network doesn’t mean that the harmful EMF Radiation isn’t there.

In our technology-focused world, there are 2 types of EMF Radiation drenching our bodies virtually everywhere you go, cell service & wi-fi.

In some major cities in the USA, you need to drive for the entire day to get somewhere with even spotty cell service, let alone no bars. 

And with the rapid progression of 5G and the massive amount of money being funneled into blanketing the entire USA in cell service, it won’t be long until it’s impossible to escape the harmful effects of EMF Radiation. 

So let’s look at what you can do to keep yourself & your family protected from EMF Radiation…

Strategies To Protect Yourself & Your Family

The best strategy to protect yourself and your family from EMF Radiation is to get away from it. 

But that’s not realistic for everyone in today’s world.

Unless you have a specially insulated bunker or a cabin in the middle of nowhere with a fat wad of cash or supplies to survive, protection through avoidance isn’t very practical. 

protect your family from EMF Radiation

Thankfully, there are ways to protect yourself and your family without sacrificing your connection to the rest of the world. Here are some things you could try…

Wi-fi is easier to mitigate than cellular radiation, so let’s start there. 

When your wi-fi hits your modem, you don’t need to connect it to a router and blast potentially harmful radiation all through your home. 

You can get on the internet using your computer through a wired connection. 

This will actually give you a faster and more reliable internet connection without the dangers of EMF Radiation

If you can’t give up the convenience of wireless internet then you can simply turn off your router at night when no one is using it. This will cut your exposure to EMF Radiation virtually in half, all while you sleep! 

You can also opt for wired, simpler, safer technology…

Have wireless headphones? Use wired ones. 

Have an e-reader? Get a library card, or listen to audiobooks. 

Wake up to your phone alarm each day> Use a simple alarm clock. 

Even something as simple as putting your laptop on a table instead of letting it rest in direct contact with your body will help mitigate the amount of EMF Radiation your body is absorbing. 

Finally, there are devices specifically made to protect your body from EMF Radiation…

Meet EMF Harmonized’s cell phone radiation stickers.

Cell Phone Radiation Protection Stickers

These cell phone radiation stickers stick to your phone to help neutralize the EMF Radiation coming from your phone. We also have strips that do the same thing to your laptop and other ‘smart’ devices. 

But these radiation stickers do more than just simply neutralize the EMF Radiation coming from one device…

These cell phone radiation protection stickers help neutralize the negative effects that EMF Radiation has over your entire body. 


Via longitudinal waves, our programmed holograms communicate with DNA & red blood cells using over 300 frequencies. These frequencies are derived from the molecular structure of over 300 beneficial natural compounds.

Here’s an example, in action…

Your blood normally has a positive charge, this makes it easier for your blood to carry oxygen, and harder for your blood to clot when it’s not supposed to. 

When EMF Radiation comes into contact with your blood, it turns the charge negative. This makes it harder for your blood to carry oxygen, which in itself has its own host of negative effects, but negatively charged blood also clots easier. 

Our radiation stickers help mitigate this by helping change the charge of your blood back to a positive charge.

This is just one of the hugely positive effects that our radiation protection stickers have on your body. 

If you can’t escape the EMF Radiation, the next best option is to help neutralize the negative effects of EMF Radiation. These stickers help put that power in your hands.

Continues EMF Radiation contributes to the premature death and breakdown of DNA, our cell phone radiation stickers communicate healthy frequencies to your DNA to help promote healthy, strong, DNA that keeps your body running as it should. 

Here at EMF Harmonized, we’re on a mission to spread the word of the dangers of EMF Radiation and show the people what big tech and the mainstream media would rather hide. 

Our products use the science of Scalar Waves, pioneered by legendary inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla, to communicate with your body and neutralize the negative effects of EMF Radiation. 

Click the button below to learn more about the fascinating science behind our best cell phone radiation protection stickers & have a few delivered right to your door so you and your family can stay protected without sacrificing your connectivity or your devices. 

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The Effects of EMF On The Body 

EMF Radiation could contribute to a whole slew of health issues…

Everything from contributing to headaches, migraines, and brain fog. 

Interrupting sleep, making it harder to fall asleep, harder to stay asleep, and making you feel groggy the next morning. 

EMF Radiation can also impact your mood and contribute to mood swings and depression, here’s how…

Your body’s cells communicate with each other using VGCC’s (Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels). 

When these channels are interrupted by EMF Radiation it has a massive impact on the body. 

Think of all the chemical processes that go on within your body without you even realizing it…

From interrupting the production of Dopamine and Serotonin, mood-stabilizing hormones.

To interrupting the production of Melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you feel tired and helping you fall asleep.

To interrupting the processes your body uses to heal muscles and utilize muscles under stress causing fatigue and lower stamina, the dangers of EMF Radiation run deep. 

How Do Your Devices Use EMF Radiation? 

With wi-fi, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Your phone and computer use wi-fi to connect to the internet. 

But cell service is used as an information highway…

Your phones use cell service to send and receive text messages and to make real-time phone calls possible. 

Devices that use EMF Radiation

But your phones aren’t the only things that use cell service. 

‘Smart’ devices like Alexa use cell service as well as cell service can send much more information at once than wi-fi can. 

So if you have any ‘smart’ devices in your home, they’re also contributing to the problem at hand. 

But don’t worry, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of devices that use EMF Radiation to function. Please also take the time to check out this amazing article on  "How to Limit Exposure to Radiation at Home"!

What Devices use EMF Radiation? 

The following devices use EMF Radiation. 

If you own these devices, strategies should be used to limit exposure to these devices to protect yourself and your family. 

  • Cell Phones
  • Tablets
  • Smart Watches
  • Laptops 
  • Wireless Headphones/Earbuds 
  • E-Readers
  • Computers
  • Video Doorbells
  • Live-Feed Security Camera
  • Smart Light bulbs
  • Smart Appliances (Dishwashers & Laundry Machines)
  • Smart Outlets 
  • Smart Suitcases (These really exist, crazy)

Anything that can connect to wi-fi or send information wirelessly utilizes EMF Radiation. 

Take 5-minutes, walk around your home and take note of any devices you have that send information wirelessly or connect to wi-fi.

You’ll be surprised how long that list really is. 

Today take the first step in protecting yourself.

Learn more about the EMF Protection Disc from EMF Harmonized

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