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Red Light Therapy Band

Red Light Therapy Band: The Next Wave in Anti-Aging

The Red Light Therapy Band is an innovation in red light therapy, using the wrist as the primary focal point of red light. This allows for the circulation of blood (every 30 minutes) to cross under the red light exposure for all the benefits of red light therapy.

The Red Light Therapy Band has been clinically tested and proven to increase ATP energy production, reduce inflammation, oxygenate the blood, aid in the production of cells, and improve balance. In addition, it reduces oxidative stress which leads to a reduction in wrinkles and age spots.

The patented RED LIGHT PULSE technology delivers 200 Jules through your skin while creating a pulsating effect that stimulates collagen production and increases circulation by creating micro-tears that heal faster than normal skin. With this patented technology, you can expect results in as little as two weeks!

This band is also rechargeable which means no need for batteries or cords! Simply plug it into any USB port or wall charger for continuous use anywhere in your home or office for three months at a time without needing another charge! It comes with 10 different colors so you can mix and match colors or wear one color at a time!