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Children Are More Vulnerable To The Harmful Effects of EMFs

October 12, 2021 2 min read

It has been established quite strongly by the scientific community that electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation is not good for human health. Studies after studies have been conducted to corroborate this yet the general public is not fully aware about the harmful effects of EMF. Big cellular companies and the media are talking about the 5G technology and its benefits but no one is talking about the negative side of it. Since it is not feasible to completely isolate ourselves from technological products as our lives literally depend on them in today’s time, it is essential that we learn ways of protecting ourselves from high EMFs in our houses and offices.

Use Quality Products Designed To Protect You

One excellent way of protecting yourself and your loved ones is using best personal EMF protection device discs and strips. You can also use EMF protection wristbands. EMF Harmonized makes discs and strips that can be easily pasted on personal electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., to filter harmful portion of the radio frequency. You can learn more about the science behind our products in the ‘The Science’ section of our website.

Focus Should Be More On Protecting Children

In this blog, however, our aim is to help parents understand how susceptible their children are to the harmful effects of EMF. Many well-thinking parents unknowingly jeopardize the health of their children by giving them devices such as iPads, cell phones, laptops, etc. They do that thinking such devices will help their children learn better and become smarter, which is true to some extent. But, what’s the risk? Let’s find out.

Children’s Susceptibility To EMF

Studies have discovered that it is rate of development in the nervous system and osseous structure of children that makes them more susceptible to the harmful effects of EMF. In addition to this, their vulnerability is high because of the conducive nature of their brain tissue. We all have a brain protective barrier known as the blood-brain barrier. In adults, this barrier is properly sealed, which offers us some degree of defense against EMF. However, children’s blood-brain barrier is a bit permeable, which scientists believe gets properly sealed when a kid reaches the age of 7. This makes children weak against toxins and free-radicals present in their blood.

As you can see, children are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF than adults. You can protect them at home from EMF by using more wired devices, informing them to keep a little distance from wireless devices when sleeping during the night, and teaching them to turn off wireless functions in devices when not required. While doing all this is important, getting the discs, strips, and wristbands mentioned above at the start of the blog is essential.