How Our Scalar Wave Technology Protects You

Our golden holograms are a Mylar material programmed with over 300 frequencies that are known to be beneficial to human biology and physiology.

These frequencies are derived from the molecular structures of many different plant compounds, minerals, phytonutrient compounds, flavonoids, oils and other beneficial earth-derived frequencies that are then programmed into the Mylar hologram, which is a device used in international space programs.

The Mylar device can hold the over 300 frequencies added to the disc (like a magnet and a credit card strip). The hologram acts to seal the disc and frequencies and acts as a prism for signaling the body. The result is that the body elicits a physiological counter-effect to EMFs.

In other words, an EMFs impede red blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen. The frequencies programmed into our Mylar hologram signal information transfer to our DNA, which then sparks a physiological switch to ensure that red blood cells retain their negative electrical charge (which is a good thing). With red blood cells retaining their negative electrical charge, red blood cells are able to carry oxygen.

As we know, oxygen is life.

This ensures that our products support a full range of beneficial health responses in the body and makes our products the most unique on the market.

The Issues

Cell phone towers signal your phone through EMF transmissions in order to relay both inbound and outbound phone calls, text messages, and data.


EMFs have been proven to heat up human DNA to damaging levels. Without protection, this can lead to a host of health challenges.

Kid’s Brain

Kids’ brains are known to be hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation, making it critically important that your kids are protected from all of their devices.


WiFi and smart phones are dramatically increasing the amount of radiation our bodies absorb every day. How are you protecting yourself?