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Body Relief Patches

Body Relief Patches are programmed with over 300 frequencies that are known to be beneficial to human biology and physiology. This includes frequencies that help support a healthy inflammatory response.

Body Relief Patches may help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation associated with many conditions including arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, joint stiffness/pain due to injury or an active lifestyle; muscle soreness from exercise or other physical activity; muscle tightness associated with stress; menstrual cramps; minor aches and pains of everyday life.

"The Body Relief Patches utilize the same frequencies as our body relief sprays but in a convenient patch form. The patches are designed to be placed on specific points of pain or inflammation in your body for up to 12 hours at a time. The frequency-emitting technology is delivered through an advanced polymer matrix that allows the frequencies to permeate through the skin and directly into your cells."

Similar to how a credit card strip signals information transfers, our technology carries over 300 stored frequencies.

These frequencies transmit information to our cells’ DNA, which then sparks a physiological switch to occur in the cell.


Then apply and press the patch firmly to your skin for 5-10 seconds or as long as needed to help it adhere to the moisturized area.

If irritation persists, discontinue use. Please be sure to not apply the patches to open wounds or damaged skin.

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Temporary relief of body aches and pains


Targets Inflamation At the Source

Body Relief Patches utilizes scalar wave tenchology to provide localize improvement of body aches and pains. The photo will show the use of Body Relief Patches on the body and the body heat response as it reduces the inflamation.

  • Reduce inflamation of muscles
  • Improved motor function
  • Local pain relief
  • Good for minor aches

Up to 48 Hours*

Body Relief Patches has shown to be effective for up to 48 hours. If the pain returns to the local pain area, you can apply a new Body Relief Patch to the same area or near.

  • Use for 24-48 Hours
  • Water resistant
  • No chemicals or additives
  • Scalar wave wearable technology

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Body Relief Patches come in a pack?

20 Patches are in each package. Patches can be worn for up to 48 hours. So this is 60 days of body relief from pain.

How long do the Body Relief Patches last?

Body Relief Patches will last up to 48 hours before you need to change them. Or until the pain returns.

Where do I need to place the Body Relief Patch?

Place the patch on or near the center of the pain. Never place them on open wounds or irritated skin.

What is in the Body Relief Patches to make them work so well?

The patches are infused with frequencies, not ingredients. These frequencies number in combination which aids in reduced pain relief. There are no chemicals or herbs applied to the patch. This product is not a substitute for medical treatments. It is for pain relief, a 10 to 4 or a 10 to a 6 or 2. Depends on the type of pain and varies from individual.

I have severe pain may I use more than one?

Absolutely! You can use up to 3 patches for your pain. Most will find relief from one, but two or three may be required.

Will the Body Relief Patch affect my pacemaker?

No. The Body Relief patches are energetically charged with frequencies. They do not contain mechanical, pharma, lotions, or otherwise to cause a conflict.

Can the Body Relief Patches be used for arthritis pain?

Sure, in fact, a large number of our customers see the greatest benefit from this direct application.

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