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Cellphone EMF Protection Disc

Our EMF protection products use the latest technology to offer you the most unique and effective protection against electromagnetic radiation. Our products are holographic, meaning that they work with your body's natural energy field to create a shield against EMF radiation.

- Our technology is the first of its kind in the world, and offers you the most unique EMF protection products on the market.
- Our products use holographic programming with biological signaling, making them the most effective EMF protection products available.
- We are committed to providing you with the best possible protection from EMFs, and our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

*Product comes as 1 disc. Check out our bundle packages for a discount on this item!

This all means that our products are scientifically-validated to actually work!

Most companies out there that claim to be blocking EMFs are not actually blocking EMFs. If EMFs are blocked, there is no signal to the device and this would actually be considered illegal by the FCC.

Some companies offer cases or covers, but those are only block EMFs when the device is not in use. Again, if the device is in use, there needs to be a signal present and that signal creates these EMFs.

Our technology can be used while your device is in use and will still filter out the harmful RF portion of the signal, ensuring you are protected both when your device is in use and not in use.

When it comes to protecting oneself from the EMFs that are being emitted by the device you're using to read this website, like a cellphone, computer or tablet, it is best to rely on a company who has decades of experience in the EMF industry and provides technology that has been scientifically-validated to work


  Remove the strip from the backing  

  Apply directly to the router, monitor, or laptop

  Apply keep the product dry

  Replace the product when the color begins to fade.

  *Details on the back of the packaging.


30 Day Money Back Satisfaction


The Concerns

There exist thousands of studies on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, including research that shows how EMF radiation can even cause diseases like brain cancer.

Dr. Martin Blank was a chemist, an expert in colloid science and electromagnetic radiation science and has shown how DNA (including the mis-labeled "junk DNA") acts as a fractal antenna within electromagnetic fields.

This means that all of our DNA is picking up the harmful frequencies coming from Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G and other related technologies and creating unbalanced physiological effects within humans, animals and all biological life, including brain cancer.


  • EMF / RF increases
  • Amount of new devices created each year
  • No long term study on the effects of 5G on humans
  • Brain and blood function concerns

How does EMF/ RF work?

In other words, our discs and strips filter out the harmful frequencies while not lowering your signal or connection of the device you're using.

We know that this is true too because of the studies we've done on our products, which can be read in detail on The Science page.

In short, our products have been shown to 12X increase the amount of ATP that is available for energy usage. ATP acts as mini batteries for cells and we know EMF radiation reduces the amount of ATP present in cells. They have also been shown to reinforce the (-) surface charge of blood cells, creating normal and healthy oxygen flow.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move the Strip or Disc to another device?

The Cellphone Disc and Computer Strips can be used interchangeably between devices, however, the Cellphone Disc is best for a cellphone, while the strips are best for iPads, tablets, computers, routers, modems, televisions and smart meters.

How long Strips and Disc last?

They will last up to a year and some depending on the strength of service 5G vs 4G at 9-10 month will need to be changed out.

Why would they stop working?

They will only stop working if they become damaged or ripped and creased. Over time the product is exhausted by filtering the signals.

I have severe sleep issues may I use more than one sleep patch?

Absolutely! You can use up to 3 patches for your sleep. Most will find a drowsy and the ability to rest from one, but two or three may be required.

Where is the best place to put the strips or disc?

Place the strips on the front of the router, the back of the iPad/tablet or on the front of the computer so that the strip is facing you.

Are they safe for children's devices and tablets?

We would highly recommend placing them on devices our youth is using. This is because the density of bone and skin is not as thick or firm to resist RF / EMF as an adult. Which places them at a higher risk.

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