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Ways To Reduce The Effects of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) From Electronic Devices

August 18, 2021 2 min read

There are many things in our environment that we cannot see with our naked eye. Just because we cannot see them, it does not mean those things are not existent. For instance, electromagnetic fields (EMF) are all around us today yet we cannot see them. We live in times where we have become dependent on electronic products such as cell phones, televisions, x-ray machines, radios, fitness tacking devices, computers, microwaves, and whatnot. All of these products and many others emit EMF to varying degrees.

Since it has been discovered through various studies that EMF damages DNA, leads to psychological and psychiatric issues, brings down metabolism, and causes problems such as fatigue, headaches, inflammation, and brain fog, it becomes essential for all of us to find ways of reducing our exposure to EMFs. Below we have listed some effective ways of achieving that goal. Let’s take a look at them.

Turn Off Wireless Functions

There are so many wireless devices that we use in our homes. Some examples of those devices include laptops, routers, tablets, and printers. All these devices give out a Wi-Fi signal. We will advise you to disable Wi-Fi function on all these devices whenever it is feasible for you. If you use a computer at home, we will recommend you to use the internet via an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi to limit your exposure to EMF.

Opt For Wired Devices More

The online marketplace is flooded with wireless electronic devices. From keyboards, mouses to speakers, headphones, and whatnot, everything have been turned into a wireless device. If you buy these products and use them, keep in mind that they all function only when they are transmitting a wireless signal, which needless to say, is not good for you. So, try using wired devices more.

Maintain A Little Distance From EMF Devices

You can reduce the harm EMF devices have on you by keeping them a little away from you. You can place your Wi-Fi router in a corner, far away from where people spend most of their time. It would be good to not store your cellphone in your pocket all the time as these devices are known for emitting EMF even when we are not using them. And when using a microwave, make sure you do not stand in front of when it is in operation. The more you maintain distance between the EMF devices and yourself, the lesser will be the exposure levels.

While the above-mentioned tips are useful, it is not always practical to use them. So, what can you do to reduce the effects of EMF? Start using EMF protection harmonizer from EMF Harmonized. We have developed cellphone EMF protection discs, computer/laptop EMF protection strips, EMF protection wristbands, and body relief patches. Our products be it discs, strips, or wristbands filter the harmful portion of the radio frequency signaling from towers and millimeter-wave antennas. And the great thing is, they do not affect the transmission of your information whatsoever. If interested, feel free to contact us at anytime.