The Science Behind EMF Harmonized

Why It Works

Signals going to our devices from cell and radio towers emit Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF). EMFs contain a harmful frequency, known as Radio Frequency (RF), that can damage DNA and the human body in 8 major ways.

EMF Harmonized technology neutralizes the harmful effects of EMFs while not interrupting the transmission of signals to all of our devices. This allows us to safely use the technology we have come to depend on in everyday life without the adverse effects on our bodies from EMF Radiation.

The science used to create our products is based on light, sound, vortex physics and an advanced discovery by the infamous Serbian inventor, Nikola Tesla, known as Longitudinal Scalar Waves.

Dr. Konstantin Meyl has proven that Longitudinal Scalar Waves are the primary transmission vehicle through which DNA communicates faster than the speed of light with the environment around us.

How It Works

EMF Harmonized technology works by programming beneficial frequencies into holograms via Nikola Tesla’s Longitudinal Scalar Waves. The good frequencies programmed into each hologram on every sticker are activated when in contact with an electronic device. These beneficial frequencies are then absorbed by the body and signal the DNA to not react in a stressful, harmful way. Instead, these good frequencies tell the DNA to react in a way that promotes homeostasis and health.

Our products communicate with DNA to help red blood cells carry oxygen more efficiently and mitochondria to create more energy in our body. EMF Harmonized products are able to create beneficial physiological effects in the body, making them the most unique EMF Radiation protection products on the market.

Real Science. Real Results

The Evidence