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People who live close to power lines show higher EMF exposure symptomsEMFs

EMF Exposure Symptoms

Research into electromagnetic fields (EMFs) has so far not been able to prove that exposure is safe for human health. EMF exposure symptoms have been…
EMF Harmonized
May 11, 2021
Warning EMF sign, radiation warning signEMFs

Are EMFs Dangerous?

Knowing that we are surrounded by many sources of electromagnetic radiation can be an unsettling thought making us ask ‘Are EMFs Dangerous?’ The idea of…
EMF Harmonized
April 19, 2021
Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the home, sources, effects on health and protection infographicEMFs

What Are EMFS?

Wherever you are right now, you are being impacted by electromagnetic waves. They are a fundamental force in our universe. However, we humans have created…
EMF Harmonized
April 17, 2021