Work From Home Kit


From your home office to your local coffee shop…get the full protection of EMF Harmonized no matter where work happens. The kit comes with 1 Cellphone Protection Disc and 4 Computer/Tablet Strips (2 per pack). All of our EMF Protection devices are programmed with over 300 frequencies proven to neutralize the harmful effects of EMF Radiation.

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Why You Need Protection From EMF Radiation


  • Cause Damage To DNA
  • Lead To Psychological & Psychiatric Issues
  • Responsible For Headaches, Brain Fog, Inflammation, And Fatigue
  • Cause A Slower Metabolism
  • Inhibit Blood’s Ability To Carry Oxygen

Worse Sleep

EMF radiation interrupts your circadian rhythm (your sleep schedule) by lowering our body’s ability to generate melatonin, the hormone responsible for making us tired and helping us fall asleep.

EMFs Effect On The Brain

EMF radiation impedes our brain’s voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC). These channels are what our cells use to communicate with one another. With these channels interrupted our brain cannot produce serotonin and dopamine as efficiently as it should.

Energy & Stamina

By affecting our VGCC (Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels) EMF radiation interrupts our cell’s ability to communicate with each other, making us feel slower and more sluggish.

Childhood Development

Our skin and skull act as shields from the outside world. Children have thinner skin and skulls which could make them more susceptible to EMF radiation and the negative effects that come with that radiation.

Our Work From Home Kit Is Compatible With:


Computers & Laptops


From Cell Towers To Your Cells

Cell Phone Towers

Cell towers communicate with your phone through EMF radiation. Whenever you send or recieve a text your phone is using EMF radiation to receive and send that message.

From Your Phone To Your Body

When your phone is within range of a cell tower (when you have cell service) it is constantly drenched in EMF radiation, and so is your body due to your close proximity to the phone and being in physical contact with it.

EMF Radiation’s Effect On Your Blood

When affected by EMF radiation, your blood is more prone to clot and carries far less oxygen. This is because EMF radiation changes the charge of your blood cells from negative to positive.

How Our Products Neutralize The Effects Of EMF Radiation

Mylar Holograms

Mylar is the same material they use on the International Space Station to block out radiation from space and keep the communication frequencies within intact. Our EMF Protection Discs & Strips use this same technology to lock in the 300+ frequencies programmed into our Mylar holograms.

Communication Through Scalar Waves

Our EMF Protection Discs & Strips use Longitudinal Scalar Waves to communicate these 300+ frequencies with your body. Longitudinal Scalar Waves were pioneered by Nikola Tesla based on the principals of light, sound, and vortex physics to relay information.

Noticeable Results

Via Longitudinal Scalar Waves our EMF Protection Strips & Discs communicate with your DNA to neutralize the effect of EMF radiation. This includes turning the charge of your blood back from positive to negative to help your blood carry more oxygen among other healthy physiological changes.

Additional information

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1. How many cell phone discs come in each unit ordered?
There is 1 disc and 4 computer strips per unit ordered.

2. If I have a cell phone EMF protection disc, do I additionally need protection on my headphones and apple watch?
Our discs provide signaling to the body to stay at rest from the EMFs. Apple watches and Bluetooth devices have low emissions, and the disc will provide protection for up to 6 ft (1.83 meters) radius.

3. What is the difference between the EMF cell phone disc and computer strips?
The EMF discs are for the phone and are larger for close body exposure. The EMF strips are for devices like iPads, tablets, computers, laptops, WiFi routers, smart meters and other “smart devices” like Alexa.

4. Does it matter where on the back of my smartphone that I place the disc?
No, generally at the bottom is preferred, but if it is on the back, it will operate normally to provide scalar waves information transfer to our biology.

5. Can I transfer my cell phone disc from one cell phone to another?
Yes, you can move the disc. Please keep in mind that when the adhesive bond on the back of the disc is broken that it may not stick as well when reapplying.

A cell phone case may hold it very well in place. If peeling it up to transfer, please be mindful not to bend or scratch it.

6. If I get the disc wet, will it still work?
Yes. Please place your disc under the cell phone case between the phone and case to protect it from scratches, dirt, body oil and sweat as well as other forms of moisture.

If you get it wet, it will still work, yet its lifespan may be shortened. Please make sure that the hologram has not been broken with a watermark. Keeping them dry is ideal and there is no need to clean them.

7. How Our Scalar Wave Holographic Technology Works?
Good question.

Our golden holograms are a Mylar material programmed with frequencies that are known to be beneficial to human body. These frequencies are derived from the natural compounds’ molecular structure. The Mylar substrate can hold over 300 frequencies added to the disc/strip.

EMF radiation affects our DNA causing a message to be sent to our blood cells to change their charge from negatve to positive, meaning they can carry less oxygen. Our frequencies communicate with your DNA to do the exact opposite, forcing your red blood cells to stay negatively charged, nullifying the effect of EMF radiation.

You can read more about the deep science of scalar waves and our technology used in the study by opening this link here or finding it on The Science page.

8. How many discs do I need per smartphone?
One. One should be enough to provide coverage from the phone’s emissions. You may use up to two discs on smartphones that use 5G networks. In this case, place one disc on the back towards the bottom and the other one on the back above the other disc.

9.What frequencies were used to make the EMF discs?
There are over 300 frequencies programmed into each disc that are derived from the molecular structure of many different plant compounds, minerals, phytonutrient compounds, flavonoids, oils and other beneficial earth-derived frequencies.

10.How do I remove the disc from the paper back if it is not pulling up and off?
To remove the disc/strip, very gently use a sharp object to remove the backing going around the disc. Please be mindful not to scratch or bend the disc.

11. Where can I learn more about your technology?
We invite you to visit The Science page and also review this FAQ extensively.