Friends & Family Protection Bundle


Bundle, Protect & Save! The Friends & Family Protection Bundle comes with 4 Cellphone Protection Discs and 4 Computer/Tablet Strips (2 per pack). All of our EMF Protection devices are programmed with over 300 frequencies known to be beneficial to the human body and protect everyone you love.

That’s 8 Protection Devices – for one low price!

4 Cellphone EMF Protection Discs
4 Computer EMF Protection Strips

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How EMF Radiation Effects The Body


  • Damage DNA
  • Contribute To Psychological & Psychiatric Issues
  • Dramatically Inhibit A Red Blood Cell’s Ability To Carry Oxygen
  • Slow Down Your Metabolism
  • Cause Migraines, Brain Fog, Inflammation, And Fatigue

Worse Sleep Quality

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for making you tired and helping you fall asleep. EMF radiation interrupts your sleep pattern by inhibiting your brain’s ability to produce melatonin.

Less Energy & Stamina

Our cells communicate using voltage-gates calcium channels (VGCC). EMF radiation interrupts these channels making it take longer for our cells to communicate and perform normal bodily functions. Making you feel tired, slow, and sluggish.

EMF Radiation & Your Brain

Serotonin and Dopamine are hormones responsible for managing your mood. When EMF radiation interrupts the VGCCs in your brain cells, your body can no longer produce Serotonin and Dopamine at the rate that it normally does, causing all kinds of mood issues.

The Risk To Children

Our skin and skulls act as protective barriers to the outside world around us, protecting us best they can from threats like EMF radiation. The skin and skulls of children are far thinner than that of an adult, putting children at a greater risk to the harms of EMF radiation.


All Cellphones

Computers & Laptops

Tablets & Other Smart Devices

How EMF Radiation Travels From The Cell Tower To Your Body

Cell Phone Towers

Cell phone towers use EMF radiation to communicate with your cell phone. Any time you have cell service, you’re being drenched in EMF radiation.

From Your Phone To Your Body

Any time your phone sends or recieves a text message, it’s using the everpresent network of EMF radiation to transmit that information. Due to your close proximity and physical contact with your phone, this EMF radiation penetrates your body as well.

The Effect Of EMF Radiation On Your Blood.

Your blood is normally very good at carrying oxygen due to it’s natural negative charge. But when red blood cells are exposed to EMF radiation, their charge is changed from negative to positive causing your blood to clot more often and be less efficient at carrying oxygen.

How Our Products Protect Your From EMF Radiation

Golden Mylar

Mylar is the substance used to insulate the International Space Station from radiation in space. The holograms in all of our discs and strips are made from this same Mylar to keep EMF radiation out, and keep the 300+ beneficial natural frequences we’ve loaded onto the discs, in.

Our Technology

All of our products are based on the science of Longitudinal Scalar Waves, pioneered by the notorious Serbian investor, Nikola Tesla.

Effective Results

Using Longitudinal Scalar Waves, our EMF Protection Discs and Strips communicate with your DNA casuing a whole host of positive physiological changes undoing the changes caused by EMF radiation.

Additional information

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1. How many cell phone discs come in each unit ordered?
There are 4 discs and 4 strips per unit ordered.

2. If I have a cell phone EMF protection disc, do I additionally need protection on my headphones and apple watch?
Our discs provide signaling to the body to stay at rest from the EMFs. Apple watches and Bluetooth devices do give off low levels of EMF radiation but our discs provide protection to a 6ft radius. If your headphones or watch are within that radius, you will be protected from their low levels of EMF radiation.

3. What is the difference between the EMF cell phone disc and computer strips?
The EMF discs are for the phone and are larger for close body exposure. The EMF strips are for devices like iPads, tablets, computers, laptops, and any other w-fi enabled or ‘smart’ device like an Alexa.

4. Does it matter where on the back of my smartphone that I place the disc?
No, generally at the bottom is preferred, but if it is on the back, it will operate normally to provide scalar waves information transfer to our bodies.

5. Can I transfer my cell phone disc from one cell phone to another?
Yes, you can move the disc. Please keep in mind that when the adhesive bond on the back of the disc is broken that it may not stick as well when reapplying it to a new device.

A cell phone case may hold it in place very well. If peeling it up to transfer, please be mindful not to bend or scratch the disc or strip.

6. If I get the disc wet, will it still work?
Yes. Please place your disc under the cell phone case between the phone and case to protect it from scratches, dirt, body oil and sweat as well as other forms of moisture.

7. How Our Scalar Wave Holographic Technology Works?
Good question.

Our golden Mylar holograms are programmed with 300+ frequencies that are known to improve health and wellness. These frequencies are derived from the molecular structure of natural compounds.

EMF radiation causes your red blood cells to carry less oxygen. Our EMF Portection Discs & Strips work by communicating with your DNA to tell your red blood cells to carry more oxygen, neautralizing the effect of EMF radiation.

You can read more about the deep science of scalar waves and our technology used in the study by opening this link here or finding it on The Science page.

8. How many discs do I need per smartphone?
One. One should be enough to provide coverage from the phone’s emissions. If your phone is connected to a 5G network you may need to use two discs for full protection. In this case, place one disc on the back towards the bottom and the other one on the back of the phone above the other disc.

9. What frequencies were used to make the EMF discs?
There are over 300 frequencies loaded into each disc that are derived from the molecular structure of many different plant compounds, minerals, phytonutrient compounds, flavonoids, oils and other beneficial natural chemicals.

10.How do I remove the disc from the paper back if it is not pulling up and off?
If you need to remove the disc or the strip, very gently, use a sharp object to remove the backing going around the disc. Please be mindful not to scratch or bend the disc.

11. Where can I learn more about your technology?
We invite you to visit The Science page and also review this FAQ extensively.