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Our Energy and Wellness Wristband is a perfect addition to our Cellphone Protection Disc, Computer Strips, and Body Relief Patches for overall health and wellness.

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The Connection Between Cell Towers & EMF Radiation

Wi-Fi & BlueTooth

Wi-Fi and BlueTooth both use EMF radiation to transmit data to your laptop, computer, and tablet.

Absorbed By You & Your Computer

When your computer, tablet, or laptop receives these signals your body also absorbs the EMF radiation due to your close proximity and physical contact with the device.

How Your Blood Is Affected

EMF radiation changes the charge of your blood from negative to positive which causes your blood to clot easier as well as inhibits it’s ability to carry oxygen.

The Technology Behind Our Energy & Wellness Wristband

Mylar Holograms

Our holograms are made of a golden Mylar material programmed with over 300 frequencies that have been shown to be beneficial for the human body.

These frequencies are the same frequencies as many natural plant compounds like flavinoids, oils, and other beneficial natural compounds.

Powered By Scalar Wave Technology

Our wristband is based on the science of Longitudinal Scalar Waves. A theory that was pioneered by the well-known scientist Nikola Tesla. Scalar waves utilize the principles of light, sound, and vortex physics to communicate information, and it is what communicates the frequencies programmed into our wristband.

Results You Can Feel

Using the science of Longitudinal Scalar Waves, our wristband will communicate with the DNA in your body. Sending the DNA the 300+ beneficial frequencies. These frequencies will help your red blood cells carry oxygen more efficiently, along with a whole slew of other health benefits.

Grant Johnson

Absolutely amazing and life changing!

"I ordered an EMF and wellness wristband, as well as a cell phone disc and some computer protection strips. All of these products arrived promptly and in stylish, easy-to-open packaging. The wristband fits great and it's comfortable. I get compliments on how cool it looks all the time! The disc and strips are easy to apply, and they look very nice as well. The gold makes the cell phone look sweet!"

“Unique and different from all other EMF protection products”

Dr Jason Loken ND

The BEST and highest quality products!

"An excellent product that my entire family uses. Everyone needs to have EMF mitigating technology for their computer, tablet and cell phones. I think of this no differently then I why I choose to consume healthy food and clean water. Minimize the things that don't serve you and build your resilience so you can live a healthy, fulfilling life!"

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1. How many wristbands are in each unit ordered?
One wristband is provided per unit ordered.

2. Where do I wear the wristband?
On the wrist and either wrist is fine. The left arm is slightly more energetic than the right and thus this is an excellent place to wear it. It can also be worn on an ankle as an alternative location.

3. Does the wristband help with supporting a healthy inflammatory response and energy?
Yes. We have customers reporting fewer occasional aches and pains while also reporting higher energy levels while wearing our wristbands.

4. Can the wristband be worn at night?
Yes. We suggest for customers to first wear it during the day and to slowly test it at night to make sure that it is not too energizing at night. Most people experience higher energy levels during the day and deeper sleep with it at night.

5. Will the wristband affect my pacemaker?
No. The wristband is energetically charged with frequencies. They do not contain electrical or pharmacological components that would interfere with your pacemaker.

6. How Our Energy and Wellness Wristband Uses Scalar Wave Holographic Technology ?
Good question.

Our golden holograms are a Mylar material loaded with frequencies that are known to be beneficial to your body. These frequencies are derived from the molecular structure of natural plant-based compounds such as photo nutrient compounds, flavonoids, and plant-based oils.

The Mylar substrate can hold the 300+ frequencies added to the bracelet. The hologram on the Mylar acts as a seal to keep the frequencies contained within the bracelet, and the frequencies communicate with the body through Longitudinal Scalar Waves to illicit a wide range of beneficial physiological changes throughout the body.

You can read more about the deep science of scalar waves and our technology used in the study by opening this link here or finding it on The Science page.

7. What if the wristband is too large for my wrist?
You can also wear it on your ankle. If you’re not happy with the fit, your bracelet can be returned within 30-days.

8. I notice that my body tingles and that I stay awake longer than normal.
When you first begin to wear it, it is normal to begin to feel your own body’s energy become more aligned to the energy of the bracelet. This may include some tingling. If it is keeping you up later than you like, then please remove the bracelet a few hours prior to resting at night. You can then wear it again in the morning.

9. Can I wear more than one wristband?
Yes, you may wear up to two wristbands around the wrist and/or ankle.

10. Can the wristband be cleaned?
Yes, please clean it with a damp cloth or an alcohol wipe and please be especially careful and gentle around the golden hologram area on the back of the wristband.

11. If I have the wristband, do I then also need other EMF protection products?
Our wristband is designed to work in conjunction with our cell phone EMF protection disc as well as our computer EMF protection strips. Together they provide support, protection and rejuvenation from EMF radiation.