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Patented, Mobile, Effective and proven to effectively enhang your circulation and energy.


The only app you need for your ANDRIOD phone. For Balance, Bliss, Harmony, and Earthing!


One of the best selling EMF protection discs for your phone and devices. Now in a 9 pack for the entire household.


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When you have your own practice, you want only the best products available for your patients. Wellness programs are not part of many treatment locations. Wellness supports the everyday healthy lifestyle. Learn more about our wholesale programs.

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We have an extensive library of product documentation which span over a decade. Ask for help or a specific question and we can send you all the documents you require.

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We have our own special offer. If you choose to be an ambassador and promote our products will pay you up to 15%. We will also compenstate you for those you refer who refer others!

Customer Testimonials

"I have increased daily dose to 3 capsules and my BP is even better than before and my energy level is increased. Love this product! I started talking 1-2 capsules per day per my physician to lower my BP which it did to my amazement but with the increase to 3 the results have been amazing. I started cardiaware about 8 months ago."

Jo ann C. about Cardiaware™ -  23 AUG 2022, 12:21

"These products have become part of my daily life. Can't imagine going backwards."

Brian Fleishman  - 3 SEP 2022, 14:42

"I recommend the card to all my friends and family. I don't know how it works, but it works to make my water and food taste that much better."

Betty Rivera  -  15 JUN 2022, 03:42

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