The Most Unique EMF Protection

The phone, computer or tablet you are using to read this website right now is emitting electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and there exists thousands of studies showing how these EMFs are harmful to us and even to our DNA. 

Additionally, 5G, WiFi and smart meters are only increasing the amount of radiation we are exposed to each day, which leads to the most important question to ask yourself regarding EMF radiation:


"Am I using anything to protect myself and my family?"


Again, there are thousands of studies on (the government’s official site that holds all peer-reviewed studies submitted and accepted.) that show how this EMF radiation literally damages our DNA and can lead to a host of serious health challenges.

One such study came from Dr. Martin Blank, who earned PhDs in Physical Chemistry from Columbia University and in Colloid Science from the University of Cambridge. 

He proved that our DNA is damaged by these harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and that this damage leads to even greater harm within us as well as all biological life around us. 

This scientist presented this information to the United Nations on behalf of the International EMF Scientist Appeal, which is a group of 253 scientists from 44 nations who have signed the Appeal for greater health protection on EMF exposure for our world. 

Sadly, this information fell on many deaf ears, especially those of large multi-national organizations like the World Health Organization, the United National Environment Programme and many U.N. Member States. 

The science is clear. 

Harmful EMFs can damage our DNA and damage the DNA of all of life around us and so we need to be doing all we can to protect ourselves from these EMFs.   

And if you have kids, you should know that children’s brains have been shown to absorb even more radiation than adults do! That means that protecting both adults and children are immensely important, especially with 5G radiation rolling out across our world.


Who Are We?


We are experts in EMF protection, thanks to our scientist and creator of the technology having patents in 2G, 3G and other related technologies, which gives us the ability to actually help you protect yourself with products that actually work!

Our mission is to help humanity and all of life around us. 

"I have used 3 products with claims to mitigate EMF's, and this is the only one that offers me the benefits claimed. I was wowed from the get go with the package my cellphone disc came in, as well as the design of the disc itself- it is quite stylish. After a week of it being on my cellphone, I report a more balanced and calm feeling throughout the day, and it is very noticeable. I will be trying more products from EMF Harmonized in the future!" -Mike